Our philosophy on reviews and links to products.

When talking with friends and family, I have found that many of us need real-world testimonials of the everyday items that we see and use. Meaning not only myself, my wife, and all those we choose to allow to contribute to this site project) will never accept payment in exchange for a positive review.

How do we put food on our table?

Everyone needs to have a way to support their passions, family, and community. For us here at lookwhatifound.blog we have chosen to engage with various affiliate marketing programs as well as formulate relationships with sponsors and other businesses and like-minded people. We do this by providing shoutouts and the willingness to give our authentic and honest opinion of a product or service.

Yeah, so what exactly does that mean?

When you click on a product link via our site, we as an affiliate will get a commission upon completing a resulting purchase.

So can you trust what we say about a product or service?

You can rest assured that products that we list are either ones that we have personally used or that they are products or services that we are drooling over (a.k.a can’t afford yet).

As for our sponsored videos, blog posts, etc, we will make sure to disclose if the content has some sponsorship associated with it. However, we can’t stress this fact enough; IF WE DON’T LIKE A PRODUCT OR SERVICE WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Fake positive reviews are absolutely unacceptable; therefore, we have an absolute line drawn in the sand. If the potential sponsor does not accept our policy then they can find someone else who has less of a moral compass to bless their junk.

One more thing: THANK YOU!

Your time and trust is something that no influencer, blogger, company, or for that fact, anyone should ever take for granted. From the wholeness of our hearts, we want to say thank you for supporting and trusting us to give you some great (and hopefully very entertaining) content. Sharing knowledge and experiences is what makes life exciting.

Stay blessed in all you do, and thank you for being part of the journey!


My true passion is in helping business owners and leaders reach their potential by leveraging various digital marketing and technology platforms to reach their goals. Over my 20+ year career in information technology, I had had the amazing privilege of working alongside many industry innovators who helped me when I needed it most. One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that knowledge is worthless if it's not shared with others. I love helping others start, grow, and maintain businesses rising to and facing today's challenges head-on.

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